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Types of search engines

Types of search enginesAn information retrieval system designed to help search for information stored on any computer system. Search results are usually displayed in the form of a list of where the information is located and arranged according to certain criteria. Search engines allow shortening the search time and overcome the problem of rising data volumes.

Types of search engines

Types of Search Engines

Web crawler engines

The search engine uses web crawlers (spider) or crawler technology to search over the Internet by searching through individual Internet pages, finding keywords in those pages, and then adding them to the search engine database. Examples of these engines are: Google, Yahoo.

Advantages of web crawlers

  • Ease of use.
  • They contain a large amount of pages.
  • Familiarity and knowledge of it, as most people are familiar with Google.

Disadvantages of web crawlers

  1. Sometimes there is too much information.
  2. Ease of deceiving crawlers, as it can lead the engine to websites that contain hidden data that has nothing to do with the search content.
  3. Manipulating PageRank, by resorting to ways to improve the PageRank among the list of results.

Directory Engines

The directories search engine is managed by specific people, the website is submitted to the directory, and approved for inclusion in the engine by the editorial staff.

Advantages of Directory Search Engines

  • Review each page for its relevance and content before embedding it, ensuring that you do not access sites that are hidden and do not reflect the content of your search.
  • speed in obtaining the desired; This is due to the small number of results shown.

Disadvantages of Directory Search Engines

  • Uncommon design and shape.
  • Delays in creating and including sites in the directory.
  • Finding problems in the search for vague and unknown things.

Built-in search engines

Hybrids are a mixture of crawlers and human directories. Sometimes they give search results from web crawlers or from a directory, and other times, the results provided by both the directory and web crawlers are received for the same search, with the directory results displayed first. Examples include: (MSN Search).

Descriptive search engines

Meta search engines search for results through many other search engines simultaneously, and then collect them in one list, and the search results may be of poor quality and correlation.

Most Popular Search Engines

  • Google.
  • Duck Duck Go.
  • Bing.
  • Dogpile.
  • Yippy.
  • Google Scholar.
  • Webopedia.
  • Yahoo.
  • The Internet Archive.