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 What is Google AdWords

Google AdWords or formerly known as Google Ads; It is the main advertising product of Google. and it represents the main source of revenue for the company, with total revenues of about 28 billion in 2010, as it is used in targeted ads by location and advertising campaigns, including local and international distribution and regional advertising.

The importance of Google Adwords

The importance of Google Adwords

It is classified as one of Google's most important and best advertising services, as it can be used by a wide range of service providers of all types and product owners, regardless of their nature, to help them reach the largest possible number of members of target audiences through the Internet, allowing them to achieve high sales rates and increase demand for their offers, which means that they can achieve greater profits in an effective way, in a short time and in a clearer way; It can be said that it helps customers find the offered company when they search for similar products or services on Google, without paying anything, except when the user clicks on the ad to communicate with the owner or visit his website.

The most important features of Google AdWords

This great product of Google offers a variety of features for all advertisers, whether of product manufacturers or owners of service establishments and various service providers in the world, which would play an important and effective role in helping them grow and spread widely without the need to incur high costs, which means gaining higher profit rates in a legitimate and simple way, through the introduction of their own ads on websites related to what they offer, and accordingly we refer to the most important of them as follows:

  • It helps advertisers in different countries of the world to reach the largest possible number of target customers, easily and quickly and at the lowest possible financial cost.
  • It provides the ability to track and monitor the performance of ads regardless of their type on the network, as it allows advertisers to see the number of users who have actually viewed the ad, as well as the number of visitors to their website.
  • It offers advertisers more than one payment method, the main ones being credit cards, bank transfer and debit card.
  • It offers many web ads that help them spread far in more than one way, perhaps the most important of which are Google Search Ads, YouTube Ads, Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads, as well as Google Play Store Ads and Display Ads.
  • It offers advertisers a variety of options to control the ad budget. Ads can be accelerated, stopped or canceled at any time, even after they have been activated, without any conditions or fees and charges.
  • The advertiser can precisely define the target audience they want to reach.
  • It allows advertisers to test the ads before, during and after activation, as Google provides advertisers with all the data and information about the molecules that were successful in the campaign and which parts were unsuccessful, which plays an active role in changing and improving the ad to achieve the desired results.

Subscribe to Google AdWords

Google has made this service or product available to all different advertisers, as it is available to all providers of services and products in the world, but it requires following a series of simple steps to sign up for it and activate it successfully, as it is first represented by creating an account, then setting the budget The allocated finances, then enter the content of the first ad with the location, where it should appear, knowing that this information can be changed later at any time, and accordingly the relevant team members at Google will work to confirm these settings and provide help and support in setting up the advertising campaign without requiring any additional financial costs, knowing that the first month is very important in which it is possible to know the possibility of success of the company or not.

How to achieve success with Google ads

Google Ads allows advertisers to precisely target the relevant ad segment, as it is possible to choose different methods to reach potential customers searching for the offered service or product in real time:

Customize ads

Users can benefit from the variety of advertising formats and features; to customize them according to the company's objectives, including the function of adding a call button that can be clicked to enter the advertisement and thus reach a greater number of callers who inquire, and video ads can also be used, to introduce and show the brand, and it is worth noting that the goals set by the advertising campaign are varied, the most common of which is to visit the advertiser's store, call, download and install its application, or take an action on its website on the Internet.

Use keywords

Google Ads makes it possible to target ads to the advertiser through the use of keywords, since it is necessary to specify some keywords when advertising next to search results; in order to target people searching for relevant titles, it is also possible to choose the times when ads appear during the day and specify the language and geographical location.

Accurately identifying the audience

It is possible to define the target segment of the audience more precisely by setting more specific goals, such as selecting the age group to reach with the advertising, or the areas they are interested in, or the types of websites they visit.

Determine the budget

It allows to determine the amount of money to be spent on advertising, knowing that no money will be paid except in the case that users interact with the advertisement by clicking on it.

Performance Measurement

Google Ads is characterized by its ability to track ads, know their effectiveness, and the ability to modify inputs easily and quickly in order to ensure improved results.

Advertising through advertising display media

It is possible to communicate with different consumers; No matter what devices they use; Whether smart phones, computers, or even tablets and applications, and whatever the geographical location they are in.


Over the past few years, e-marketing has become one of the most important ways to introduce products and services, in order to help their providers and businesses grow and achieve spread, and thus reach the goals set within a short time, knowing that it is divided into several types, which are through Pay Per click, clicks, and is popular across search engines, which branches into SEO, and SEM.