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 Define search webmaster tools

The term webmaster tools can be defined as a free service that users receive when dealing with search engines on the Internet. These tools allow website owners to submit their websites to the search engine, improve indexing and publish content published in search engines.

Webmaster Tools

Things that are allowed to use Webmaster Tools

  • Submitting and reviewing the site map.
  • Possibility to re-index a specific page.
  • Possibility to delete some website links.
  • Statistics of external and internal links to the website.
  • Analysis of robots.txt error file, which helps to find out which pages were blocked.
  • Identification of all words with which the website appears in the search engine, with indication of the order of each word.
  • The ability to localise the site by country if it is targeted to a specific country and the domain does not need to be specific to that country.
  • Detection of HTML code/code errors such as pages without a title or description.
  • The detection of errors related to browsing the website via cell phone, which is a newly added service.

SEO Tools

Google Search Engine Admin Tools

Google Webmaster Tools, a free service from Google that is considered one of the company's most important services, as it allows website owners to add their own websites, improve indexing and publish content in the Google search engine.

Bing SEO Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools, a free and partial service of Microsoft's Bing search engine that allows website owners to include their pages in the Bing index using a crawler. The electronic devices they monitor and the tools used are as follows:

  1. Crawl issues.
  2. Data with links to return.
  3. Advanced filtering.
  4. Data download.
  5. Keyword search tools.
  6. Health Verifications Robots.txt validator file.
  7. Markup validator.
  8. Sitemaps.
  9. external links

Yandex SEO Tools

Yandex Webmaster Tools, this is a service provided by the Russian search engine Yandex, which provides the search engine with information about the indexing of sites it monitors, and the SEO tools know the engine about new pages and pages that are canceled, and directly control All the functions of indexing sites and improving their visibility and rankings in Yandex search results.

Importance of using webmaster tools

Adding the private website to the webmaster tools is very useful, and most of the time it is necessary and needed, and the user will get the great benefit when in the field of archiving, data analysis, number of visits and to know the errors coming from the server, and these tools are for the owner of the website Important tips to improve it, and these tools should be checked daily, to get the reports provided by the search engine through them, and with regard to the private website to improve it, new websites without using the Search Console admin tools, it is likely that he will not be able to find Anyone can find it with a Google search engine or other, and this is called Search Engine Optimization and is abbreviated as SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

It is very important for the owners of websites and blogs to submit their websites to the webmaster tools of major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others depending on the country to get better performance and improve the SEO of the website, and Google search engine is the most famous and used in the world where the user gets the following things:

  • Enabling the removal of all broken links from the index of the Google engine, so that visitors do not find broken links to the website in search results.
  • Displaying the search terms that visitors most often use to access the website.
  • Provide the knowledge that the website needs to improve and get relevant keywords.
  • Give the website owner the notice they need about malware or problems on their site, and Google can save the life of the business with these alerts.
  • View pages and domains that link to the private website.

The most common search engine optimization mistakes

Due to the lack of knowledge of the owners of various bloggers and websites about the laws of search engine optimization, the majority of new bloggers and owners of these blogs make many big mistakes with this important part of website ranking, and this is what makes their websites and blogs not to be displayed in search results, and for this you need to identify the most mistakes SEO is common among users and caused by most beginners in their blogs, and if you avoid these mistakes, you can increase the number of visitors to the site and increase ratings, which can easily reach 50%, by improving the following:

  1. Improve the speed of the intended website.
  2. Do not use a seo title that is too long.
  3. Not doing any proper keyword research.
  4. Not focusing on keyword density within the published text.
  5. Underestimate the power of meta description.
  6. Attach images without the alt text (ALT Tag).
  7. Ignore static texts.