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Top 5 Backlink Relationship-Building Strategies To Boost Sites Power

Backlink-building strategies are based on random or commercial methods that target as many links as possible. It's now An SEO officer with a lot of experience and skill and some quirk too to get quality backlinks!

Top 5 Backlink Relationship-Building Strategies To Boost Sites Power

Top 5 Backlinks

The first site 

The number of backlinks that Amazon gets: is 856,887 backlinks.

PA Amazon: 80.

Amazon Alexa Rank: 6 in the world.

Amazon backlink from Alexa stats: 1,113,056 backlinks.

The second site

The number of backlinks obtained by the Apple site: Backlink 1667.

PA Apple website: 79.

Ranking of the Apple site on Alexa: 48 in the world.

Apple backlink from Alexa stats: 550,614 backlinks.

Third site

The number of backlinks that plunk gets: is 47,411 backlinks.

PA Location: 77.

Plunk's Alexa ranking: 1,883 in the world.

Backlink plunks From Alexa stats: 33,403 backlinks.

Fourth site

The number of backlinks obtained by Patreon: 8,912 backlinks.

 PA Location: 87.

Patreon Alexa Rank: 1,037 in the world.

Patreon backlink from Alexa stats: 13,749 backlinks.

Fifth site

The number of backlinks that Firefox gets: is 99,560 backlinks.

PA Firefox website: 77.

Firefox Ali Alexa ranking: 164 in the world.

Backlink Firefox From Alexa stats: 104,125 Backlink.

The best way to get a backlink to your website

Spreading your website links to your visitors is the best way to get backlinks and improve your website ranking. This is true and false and depends on where and how you got the links pointing to your site.

Backlinks are still important

Does the backlink matter after the launch of the latest Google update?

Certainly important, this is not something I suggested but officially said by Google and Bing employees. Backlinks pointing back to your site are sounds that help search engines distinguish between important and unimportant sites. If your site gets a strong backlink from other important sites, it will likely rank higher in the search results of sites that don't. She has a strong voice. (backlink) from other sites.

On the other hand, a site that gets backlinks from spam or low-quality sites will likely drop its site in the search results if they place well (or it won't rank at all and may be penalized).

How do you get a suitable backlink for your website?

In order to get backlinks from other positively endorsed blogs without any risks, the following factors must be present:

  • Post an article on another related website (in the same niche or close to your website).
  • Write your name at the end of the article along with your website name and this will give you a good name.
  • It should be well-written and add value to the site on which it is posted.
  • Not only will the website you post approve visitors' articles, but of course, the articles must be unique and not duplicated.
  • For large sites, it should be limited in the sense that it is not paraphrased, but rather it should have unique ideas, all of this will contribute to the approval of the article by the site management.
  • Ask yourself, do you expect this article to be useful and bring traffic to your website?
  • Include your website link within the article as appropriate to the content, eg: "For more information" and include your website link

What are irrelevant backlinks?

Instead of following the above plan to get strong and good links, you can follow an easy plan by participating in blogs and staying away from programs that publish abnormal backlinks, and most likely you will lose the money you will spend when purchasing the program and waste time and only get a harsh penalty From Google because it is now much smarter than before.

How do you get the most out of backlinks?

Backlinks alone will not benefit your website, but when will you get the most benefit? You will get the best results if your website has fresh and unique content which is also sufficient, meaning most articles are at least 300-500+ words. daily contact? I ask him to send the link to the site or the article he wants to appear in, and I find what I expected, weak content, ie no more than 200 words, and competitors' articles with more than 700 words + the content is inconsistent or looks like a compound sentence and not a consecutive article each line is complete. The previous line is full of repeated words that he would like to lead.

As I said in a previous article, site owners should serve the visitor, not the search engines, because even the search engines serve the visitor, not the site owners, so your goals must align with Google's goals, which is to serve the user. This way you get what you want.