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Causes of back pain Prevention and treatment

Causes of back pain Prevention and treatment

The modern lifestyle that requires a lot of effort is one of the most common causes of back pain, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sufficient to prevent many aches and diseases, including those of the back.

Causes of back pain .. Prevention and treatment

Back pain is widespread in the world, and it is estimated that nearly 80% of people suffer from back pain with varying degrees of pain and for different reasons. Back pain may appear in different places along the back, but most of them appears in the lower back (Low Back Pain).


The problem with back pain lies in its immediate impact on the patient's performance in his daily activities. Since back pain directly affects the freedom of movement, and it becomes difficult or impossible to perform some movements, the patient refrains from a lying down position because of the severe pain he feels, which leads to a severe deterioration in the patient's quality of life.

Other symptoms that may be caused by back pain are the feeling of pain in the legs, numbness, loss of feeling in the feet, and a feeling of pain in the feet.

Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to treat this phenomenon immediately without waiting for the pain to fade. Receiving prompt treatment contributes to the prevention of similar pains, as the treatment helps the patient recover and return to normal life, and also prevents the emergence of additional pains.

Causes of back pain and risk factors

There are a number of factors that cause back pain, the main factor among them is back pain caused by receiving a direct injury as a result of a fall, or receiving a blow or injury from a foreign body. In addition, the extra weight puts pressure on the vertebrae of the spine, which may lead to the emergence of pain, and wasting leads to the loss of calcium from the bones of the spine and causes pain.

There are many other causes of back pain, including wrong standing position, driving for long hours, uncomfortable sitting, standing for long hours, extreme temperature changes, and sleeping on a bed that is not suitable for the body. There is no doubt that the modern lifestyle requires a lot of effort, which may affect the spine, so it is likely that most people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

Diagnostics and tests

Back pain is diagnosed starting with the feeling of pain. The pain may appear in specific points on the surface of the back, and the pain may involve an entire region of the back. It may appear gradually or it may appear suddenly after making a wrong move.

The specialist doctor makes a more accurate diagnosis and often directs the patient to take an X-ray, which shows the vertebrae of the spine in detail. It is possible to infer by this imaging whether the vertebrae are in their correct place and whether the patient has a disc herniation that radiates pain to the rest of the back. Only after imaging can we infer the cause of the pain.

Home treatment and prevention:

If muscle inflammation is the cause of back pain, anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken, but in most cases, there are no treatments available in traditional medicine that can stop these pains, in addition to the long-term treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs that has its disadvantages. As for complementary medicine, it recommends a local treatment for the area of pain, in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can prevent many aches and diseases, including those of the back.

Prevention of back pain requires, above all, a person's awareness of their body, how they stand, how they sit, and how they move. Correct standing, physical activity, and diet prevent back pain. There are no solutions in Western medicine regarding chronic back pain, as most of these cases are treated with pain relievers or surgical intervention, in difficult cases. Nevertheless, physiotherapy and alternative treatment methods contribute to improving the patient's condition, relieving pain, and may succeed in removing it completely. Alternative medicine advises taking curcumin (the active compound in turmeric) and omega-3 because they have anti-inflammatory properties and their use is safe.