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How to get thousands of organic traffic for your site

How to get thousands of organic traffic for your site

Real free traffic to your site

Today I'm going to show you how to do it quickly Get more organic traffic to your site without backlinks, content, or social shares The secret is a new strategy called the click magnet method I've been using this strategy recently to help take my site to 5th in Google.

How to get thousands of organic traffic for your site

Click magnet method

Moz founder last year Rand Fishkin decided to run a little experiment one afternoon he sent this tweet to his followers that's what he did a bunch of people googling IMEC lab and clicked on Rand's result when Rand sent out that tweet at 6:03 pm.

His result ranked at the number seven Spot for that keyword What do you think happened after his result Suddenly you got all these clicks Three hours later He shot his site to number one in Google Let's take a quick look at the example of another well-known German SEO blog.

The guy who runs this blog did an experiment he asked people in several different Google Plus communities to search for his keyword and click on his site So what happened His site jumped from #8 to #1 in Google Now you might be wondering what's going on here.

As you know Google wants to show its users the best result for a particular keyword and they determine the best result by looking at things like backlinks, on-page SEO, social shares, and more but as you can see from the two experiments.

As I just showed you Google also uses your site over click rate to determine where you rank on the first page, for example, let's say you rank number three for your target keyword cool isn't it well that depends if you have it for whatever reason.

The title and description tag does not generate the clicks that Google expects. They will drop you like a stone. This means less organic traffic for you. This low click rate tells Google that this result is not suitable for this keyword.

On the other hand, let's say you're ranked sixth. Normally, number six gets about four percent of all clicks. But let's just say that for whatever reason, your result is getting ten percent of all clicks. That's the strength of the site's click-through rate.

Now I have to warn you that in both of the experiments that I shared with you hundreds of people suddenly started clicking on one result and that's why they saw huge differences in their rankings but because it's the black hat I wouldn't recommend asking people to search for your keyword.

How to get visits to your site

It's a simple three-step process that I recently used to rank in the top five building highly competitive keyword lists and now it's time for me to show you exactly how I did and how you can do the same for that a while ago I made a post.

Called 17 Insanely Actionable List Building Strategies That Will Generate More Subscribers I was traveling when I published this post so I completely forgot to write a unique title and description tag for this post and because of that my result on Google looked so not so pretty.

As you can see my title tag was cut off and my description tag makes absolutely no sense as you might expect my CTR was pretty terrible Well here's the exact three-step process I used to turn things around.

Search for Adwords ads

Include words and phrases from your Adwords ads in your title and description Tag Get more clicks First you have to find Adwords ads for your target keyword or related keywords for what.

Advertising with one main goal to get clicks This means that the Adwords ads you see are often the result of hundreds if not thousands of email list split tests I have also noticed that the same Adwords ads use terms like build, grow, and boost.

Once I got the idea of what words and phrases to add these words and phrases to your title and description tag in my case I made sure to add the email list term to my description tag This was one phrase that was used in almost all ads.

I made sure to include the word build in my description tag and once you add these words and phrases to your title and description tag you should find yourself with more clicks and more visits from Google Organic.

In fact, shortly after implementing this CTR magnet method in my list-building post it quickly went from #12 to #5 in Google Of course the CTR magnet method was just part of the story.

Quality backlinks

I'm also building several high-quality backlinks to that page but the improvement in my CTR has definitely made a huge difference now before we wrap up I want to let you in on a little bonus tactic you can use to improve your CTR.

This technique works all you have to do is add these words and phrases to your Google results These words are again proven to attract clicks Why because all these words and phrases emphasize quick results The truth is when someone scans the first page of Google.

They are impatient they want to read the content this will help them now and when you add these words to your title and description tag it will be the result they want to click on.